Looking For A Cleaning Service?

So, you’re looking to hire a cleaning service. What should you really be looking for? What questions should you ask?

There are so many cleaning services in the Chattanooga area, so it can be hard to decide which one to choose. To help you out, we’ve compiled some criteria that you as the client should be looking for.

First, the you should be looking at a company. Even if it’s just an individual, they should have a company with credible and reliable references. You don’t want to just hire anyone to be in your home, especially if you aren’t going to be around the house during their cleaning. The reason for this is liability, and we will go over all of that next. Read more

Tackling the Garage Clutter

The garage can be a notorious gathering place for holiday decorations, extra furniture, out of season clothes and the kid’s old toys. Maybe there are still moving boxes from a couple years back that you never got around to unpacking. And why pay for a storage unit when you have one attached to your house?

But ask yourself, “could I use this garage space more efficiently?” The answer is “absolutely!” Maybe you want to park your cars in the garage or set up a workshop. With summer coming up, maybe the garage could be used as an entertainment space or a campsite for the kid’s sleepovers. But there is so much clutter in the garage it’s overwhelming to think about where to start or what to do with all the items. Read more